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Misión Boricua

Welcome to Misión Boricua!

The purpose of Misión Boricua is to promote the history and culture of the Puerto Rican community in Central Florida. However, another very important objective is to promote civic engagement as well.

We will strive to educate and inform the community on voting and election issues. It is our hope to answer or clarify the voting and election doubts you may have and help you make informed decisions during the 2020 elections.

An informed community is a community with the power and ability to confront and resolve issues. Exercising the right to vote is a very effective way to push for jobs, social services, government contracts and educational programs so desperately needed in our community. Please know that we are here to serve not only the Puerto Rican community but our Latino neighbors as well. Remember, “Your Vote Is Your Voice.” Together we can achieve our goals.